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Six of the Many Health Benefits for 
CBD Oil and Cannabis-Related Products
As we get older, we become prone to health conditions we didn’t know would happen, like migraines, anxiety, trouble sleeping, chronic pain, and even inflammation in different parts of the body.

Instead of resorting to chemical prescriptions every time you encounter an ailment, there could be a natural recommendation that even doctors are starting to take advantage of.

We’re still discovering the many countless health benefits that CBD oil and cannabinoid therapy products can provide. As cannabis is legalized across larger portions of the world, research into its health benefits become more widely attainable and accessible.

Research being put into the outcome of cannabinoid therapy supports that cannabinoids are immunosuppressive, meaning they can reduce or dampen down inflammation that comes prone with rheumatoid arthritis.
In laymen’s terms, cannabinoid therapy products have been directly shown to reduce inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis and relieve pain as a result.

For decades, people have been recreationally using cannabis to treat stress and anxiety. Since CBD has become more widely accepted in the medical community, the truth of these benefits come further to light.

High blood pressure, heart disease, and premature aging are all results in part to anxiety, so taking advantage of CBD oil to treat the anxiety before it leads to worse disease is a smart, preventative self-health measure.

CBD can directly engage with the endocannabinoid system of the brain as well as the digestive system of the body. Both systems play major roles in Parkinson’s Disease, which is why CBD has been shown to help manage various symptoms that Parkinson’s patients experience.

Cannabinoid therapy products have effectively demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotectant properties. Targeting each of these vital systems in the body, using a cannabinoid product can potentially slow the progression of the disease and manage present symptoms.

Chronic, everyday pain can affect relationships, mood, one’s memory, and overall, simply your quality of life. It comes as a surprise, then, that over 50 percent of adults aged 50 to 70 reportedly suffer from chronic pain.  
The fact that opiate usage in adults over 50 is at an all-time high correlate directly with the previous statistic.
In a study on elderly patients who underwent cannabis therapy, the most notable finding was the staggering decrease of opiate usage with the cannabis therapy. Using vaporization, many of the elderly patients said they went off opiates altogether.

CBD oil and cannabinoid therapy products have been shown to interact with the serotonin receptors in the brain. Those serotonin receptors can reduce or eliminate nausea and stimulate an appetite response. 

With the aversion many still have to cannabis and its benefits, it’s understandable to be hesitant. Once you try the product for yourself, though, you’ll see it’s not about changing your state of mind – it’s completely about treating your symptoms and enhancing your quality of life.

Last but certainly not least, finally get a good night’s sleep and relieve your insomnia with components found in cannabis – particularly, CBD. Because our bodies are designed to be regulated by our circadian rhythms, products that directly influence the endocannabinoid center of our brain can positively or negatively affect that.

In short, while THC-dominant cannabis has been shown to disrupt sleep patterns, CBD-concentrated cannabis products have demonstrated being used as a treatment for insomnia, as well as other sleep-related disorders like narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

CBD Oil Benefits
The Many Health Benefits of CBD Oil
Treat Arthritis Flare-Ups
Manage Parkinson's Disease
Relieve Chronic Pain
Help with Insomnia
Reduce Anxiety 
Reduce Stress
Increase Appetite
Relieve Nausea
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